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Careers advice, guidance and support for 16-24 year olds

Providing one to one support for young people, helping to navigate you through job searching, CV and application writing and interview prepping.
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Education & Training

Considering changing courses, schools or college. Let's chat! We want to know what are you genuinely interested in and work from there.

Work Experience & Volunteering

Looking for work experience to add to your CV? Want to try out a career before committing to it? Looking to gain new skills volunteering? We will help direct you to companies that provide these opportunities.

Apprenticeships & Careers

Looking to get paid work? Want help creating and editing CV's or cover letters? Unsure how to job searching, complete application forms? We can guide you through these with templates and one to one support.

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Call us on 01522 245002,  email us at info@networklincoln.co.uk or simply pop in to see us in our ground floor office in City Hall