What to expect at an appointment

In an appointment, we will help you to explore ideas and options. This can be for the next steps after leaving school, deciding on a career or job change, or just for some information and advice on what is out there.

We aim to –
-Help you develop clear ideas on what you would like to be doing at school or in work
-Explore and learn more about job opportunities, training, apprenticeships, volunteering, and work experience
-Set goals to help you get through the next steps and reach your ultimate career aims
-Assist with CV and cover letter writing, practicing interview skills, and filling in job applications
-Give you information and resources to help you make informed decisions
-Remove any barriers preventing you from progressing to your goals

We can talk about –
-What sort of things you would like to do or work towards
-What you have done so far
-What experience and skills you have
-What is stopping you from getting where you want to be

What you can do to prepare –
-If you have a CV and cover letter, bring it along so we can have a look
-If you are applying for jobs and are not sure how to fill in the application, bring it with you and we can help you think of how to answer questions.
-Have a look at different jobs available, and explore some job roles or opportunities you might be interested in.

The Network will –
-Listen to your ideas and goals, and help you develop them
-Ask questions to find out more about you and help you progress
-Give feedback on CVs, covering letters, and applications
-Provide useful resources and information on relevant agencies

The Network will not –
-Tell you what job to be doing
-Write CVs, cover letters, or applications for you
-Guarantee you education or employment


Don’t worry if you are not sure what you would like to be doing, or don’t have clear ideas about how to progress, The Network can help you figure it all out. You can visit The Network as many times as you need to, and there is no charge to the service.

Alternatively, you can drop-in for a quick and informal chat. If no one is available at the time, we will take some details from you and be in touch as soon as possible.

Call us on 01522 245002, or email us on info@networklincoln.co.uk to make an appointment.


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