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Are you a young person, based in Lincoln or Sleaford, looking for support and advice with your career?

You may know what career you want, or you might have no idea and just be feeling a little lost. You might be struggling to find a job, or the right training provider, or you might be in work but unhappy with the path you’re on.

It’s OK, we’re here for you. 

We can provide you with careers advice and support tailored to you. We work with you to figure out manageable next steps that you are happy and comfortable with.

We also help with the practical things like creating an honest CV that showcases you, honing your application techniques, practising for interviews and gaining work experience.

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and that sometimes people don’t get you, so we’re here to help you to figure out what you need in the workplace to be the best you. Be this signposting you to mental health support, helping you to access driving lessons or being advocate for you if you are discriminated against.

You take the lead and we will follow.

If this sounds useful for you, please email: gabby@networklincoln.co.uk