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Are you lost for things to do during this covid lockdown? Well you’re in luck! Our fantastic volunteers are going out (well, technically staying in) and trialling different activities to give you the lowdown on what’s worth giving a go and what’s a colossal waste of time!                 

I reviewed: Gardening!

Writer: Charlotte
Age: 23

How much time in your day did it take up approximately?

About two hours

On a scale of 1-10 how interesting did you find it?

1= Magnolia paint drying on a particularly cold and damp day

5=Meh, not bad actually

10=Oh my goodness, what a dream, what a delight

My number score for how interesting the activity was: 6

Can you tell us why you gave this answer?

Was it just not your cup of tea, or was it really just so incredibly dull? If it was amazing, what made it so good? I’m lucky in that the days I did gardening were nice. Cos if they weren’t, I would have given a lower score. It’s not the most fun of activities for sure, but getting mud on your skin, marvelling at the worms and having an excuse to go nuts with tools (within reason of course) along with some decent listening on YouTube and it ain’t half bad. A job is done, it looks nice and you have a sense of accomplishment. 

Which of these phrases did you feel while you completed the task?
  • Why did I agree to this?
  • OK, so that kept me entertained for like 5 minutes so that’s fine
  • Better than doing nothing I guess
  • Actually, I’m warming up to this
  • It made me feel productive, so that’s a plus
  • OK, this is kind of fascinating and interesting
  • Alright, this is kinda fun!
  • I feel like I’m learning something
  • I feel really chilled out and calm right now, it’s kinda nice
Please feel free to add anything else you felt, potentially using the above as prompts:
  • *Sees ants’ nest* NOPE! NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!
  • I am legitimately worried the ants will uprise and avenge their fallen brethren.
  • Yes, I know you see the flowers Mr Bee, but I am not finished planting yet! I’ll let you know when I am.
Would you do it again/can you do it again?


Why is this?

For example, it’s unlikely you would repeat the same e-learning course, but you may do more courses from the same provider. Alternatively, it could have been a really bad course, so you wouldn’t go back to the provider OR do the course again.

I would do it again, but perhaps take a different approach to it. I’m not the most delicate of people and unfortunately, the gardening that I took part in required a rather gentle touch. That said, anytime it requires more muscle, I’m more than happy to get stuck in! Long as there aren’t any ants’ nests involved.

Who do you think would enjoy this activity and why?

Anyone can enjoy gardening, it really doesn’t require that much thought, depending on what it is you’re doing. It truly is a relaxing hobby that can even be done if you don’t have a garden! A cactus from Wilkos, a plant pot, some soil and seeds, it can be done virtually anywhere nowadays. If it has sunlight and it’s warm, you’re good to go.

Who do you think wouldn’t enjoy this activity and why?

I would say those who are prone to being impatient, as it’s not an activity that happens right away, particularly with the growing aspect. On the other hand though, it may actually prove useful in teaching patience, or at the very least, introducing the concept of it.