Our Aims:

Help you develop clear ideas on what you would like to be doing at school or in work
This could involve:

-choosing subjects for sixth form
-searching for courses and applying for university
-looking at different industries and job roles
-assessing your skills to see what jobs they might suit
-looking at new opportunities to improve your skills in a certain area

Explore and learn more about job opportunities, training, apprenticeships, volunteering, and work experience
This could involve:

-registering with apprenticeship and job websites
-referring you to another agency for training and qualifications

Set goals to help you get through the next steps and reach your ultimate career aims
This could involve:

-planning activities to help you realise your aims and aspirations
-helping you think positively about yourself and your future
-giving you the confidence to progress to the next step
-coming up with attainable and achievable goals that you feel comfortable with

Assist with CV and cover letter writing, practicing interview skills, and filling in job applications
This could involve:

-providing resources to help you get started
-identifying your strengths and skills, and how to market them to employers
-assisting with grammar and spelling

Give you information and resources to help you make informed decisions
This could involve:

-giving up to date information about employment trends and popular industries
-signposting you to relevant agencies for training and qualifications
-helping you access information and opportunities

Remove any barriers preventing you from progressing to your goals
This could involve:

-helping you access other areas of help for issues such as mental health , housing, substance abuse, learning difficulties, etc…
-providing the information you need to make positive and sustainable changes