Pawsitive Possibilities

A Community Lottery Funded project summed up as:

Life skills workshops, run by people, hosted by dogs.

Basically, a number of wonderful organisations and people have offered to do short workshops on useful topics e.g. budgeting, working rights, mental health in the workplace etc.

But the twist is, that the whole time you are surrounded by the very good dogs at a fantastic dog sitting service called Vippies.

This series of workshops is designed for people who have potentially spent time socially isolated and want a nice way to get back into the swing of being around people or for people who just generally lack social confidence and want to work on this in a safe environment, surrounded by dogs while learning multiple useful life skills.

The groups are no bigger than 15 young people at a time and we’d ask that you commit to the series of workshops and agree to the social contract that we put in place to help people feel comfortable and safe in this setting.

To find out when we’re running the next series email:

Currently postponed due to Covid-19

To find out more, download the info packs here: