Animal crossing

Are you lost for things to do during this covid lockdown? Well you’re in luck! Our fantastic volunteers are going out (well, technically staying in) and trialling different activities to give you the lowdown on what’s worth giving a go and what’s a colossal waste of time!  

I reviewed: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Writer: Charlotte
Age: 23

How much time in your day did it take up approximately?

It took: TOO MUCH TIME. But on average, I’d say around three and a half hours?

On a scale of 1-10 how interesting did you find it?

1= Magnolia paint drying on a particularly cold and damp day

5=Meh, not bad actually

10=Oh my goodness, what a dream, what a delight

My number score for how interesting the activity was: 7.5

Can you tell us why you gave this answer?

I didn’t find it all that engaging at first; you’re stuck with a tent that barely has any room and a seemingly impossible debt of 48,000 bells to a bell hungry tyrannical tanuki who may or may not be aware that he is promoting slave labour and forcing you to cough up for the luxury of working for him. However, as the days went on, I got into the swing of things and whilst yes, I am still in a rather large bell debt and am not the biggest fan of my boss, I find it’s actually enjoyable. Seeing the fish in the museum, interacting with neighbours and helping those on the island; it’s everything that can’t be done at this moment in time from the comfort of your own home.

Which of these phrases did you feel while you completed the task?

Actually, I’m warming up to this

It made me feel productive, so that’s a plus

OK, this is kind of fascinating and interesting

Alright, this is kinda fun!

Definitely nerding-out over this

This is worth my time

I’m actually having a nice time

I may have just found a new hobby

I’m actually enjoying communicating with people right now

I feel like I’m fully distracted from the whole pandemic thing (until Gabby reminded you with this prompt, sorry)

I feel safe and warm and fuzzy now

I feel really chilled out and calm right now, it’s kinda nice

I didn’t even realise how much time had passed, I enjoyed this so much

This is going to probably become part of my social distancing routine

This is probably going to be something I do in my normal life now

Please feel free to add anything else you felt, potentially using the above as prompts:

• I may or may not have seen a butterfly and wanted to catch it. Then I remember this is not a game and even if it was, that butterfly would only be worth 400 bells at the most.

  • Aaand it’s another egg.
  • Back, bunny demon! Back from whence you came!
  • *Insert expletives here*
  • Aaand it’s another carp.
  • *Hitting the rock* Why *hit* won’t *hit* you *hit* get me *hit* some clay? *hit*
Would you do it again/can you do it again?


Why is this?

It’s fun. And with how things are, this may be my only getaway this year.

Who do you think would enjoy this activity and why?

Those looking for a relaxing game that doesn’t require a whole lot of skill and stealth, or those wanting to socialise but are unable to do so. With there being less of an emphasis on skill and stealth, it’s very hard to actually go wrong or mess up in this game. Granted, things can happen that affect you, but even then, it’s done in such a way that it’s sort of okay. Got on the wrong side of some wasps? Take some medicine and you’re fine again. Rotten turnips? Least they’re not real.

Corona Virus aside, this is an excellent game for those who wish to socialise as well, but may find it hard to do so in person. Instead of talking with speech, there is the option to talk through words instead, which puts a lot of pressure off those who prefer doing their interacting through the internet and gaming. You can visit others ‘ islands or have people come visit yours, however, there is a slight catch to this. You need friends on the Switch in  order for it to work and for best results, it’s easier to choose the online option rather than the local play one.

Who do you think wouldn’t enjoy this activity and why?

For those who get easily bored and prefer more action based games, this ain’t the one for you, I’m afraid. I’ll admit I get bored as well rather easily, but I didn’t have too much of a problem with it as there’s still plenty to do on the island. That said as well, if you’re not a patient person (such as myself) then this won’t do you any favours. The whole game plays out in real time, so if a character says that something will be completed tomorrow, they mean tomorrow. Not in game mode, where tomorrow may only be an hour, but you have to wait until the next physical day. Now, there is the option of ‘time travel’ where you can adjust the console accordingly, but that is met with controversy, as some say it ruins the whole point of the game.