Pawsitive Possibilities

A Community Lottery Funded project summed up as:

Life skills workshops, run by people, hosted by dogs.

Basically, a number of wonderful organisations and people had offered to do short workshops on useful topics e.g. budgeting, working rights, mental health in the workplace etc.

But the twist is, that the whole time we were surrounded by the very good dogs at a fantastic dog sitting service called Vippies.

This series of workshops was designed for people who had potentially spent time socially isolated and wanted a nice way to get back into the swing of being around people or for people who just generally lacked social confidence and wanted to work on this in a safe environment, surrounded by dogs whilst learning multiple useful life skills.

The groups were no bigger than 15 young people at a time.

To find out more, download the info packs here:

Faces 2 Names

A speed-dating-for-organisations event to help all those interested in supporting young people in the Lincoln and Sleaford areas stay up to date and professionally connected (so not literal dating, sorry!).

We host these 3-4 times a year at a variety of lovely host locations, with over 50 different organisations usually attending. It is essentially a speed networking morning for you to meet the different organisations supporting young people in Lincoln!

At the event, you sit opposite each other and have a set amount of time to fill each other in on what you do, before moving on to the next person. At the end, you have a chance to mingle and find people that you want to talk to more (or swap business cards/leaflets during the first section!)

It’s a great way to literally put faces to names of people you may have heard of, but not had the chance to meet!

We’ve had great feedback from this event, and it’s helped us to launch projects and new partnerships. 

To find out the date of our next Faces to Names please email:

Youth Employability Conference

In February 2020 we hosted our first Youth Employability Conference. Here, we invited an equal mix of local young people, businesses and organisations to discuss the barriers that young people experience when they are trying to seek employment.

We split the room into groups to discuss the barriers in detail, sharing their knowledge and experience in the areas. From this information, we created a report and used the data to shape our strategy to implement better preventative measures and to help to minimise the barriers affecting the young people in Lincoln.

The barriers discussed were as follows:

If you would like to have a copy of this report or would like to discuss how you can support young people in Lincoln, please get in touch with us at